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Anderson SvahnProfessor Helene Andersson Svahn

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Research fields: Novel tools 

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Research Interests and Accomplishments

Professor Helene Andersson Svahn is heading the Nanobiotechnology department at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Dr. Andersson Svahn received her Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in 2001 and holds a M. Sc. in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University. Her main research focus is micro- and nano-fluidic devices for biotech and medical applications. In 2002-2005 Dr Andersson Svahn was Marketing Director at Silex Microsystems. In 2005-2008 she was professor in Applied BIOMEMS at MESA+ Research Institute in Holland. Currently she is CEO of the startup company Picovitro AB (part time) and scientific advisor for Silex Microsystems. In 2011 she was elected as chairman for the Young Academy of Sweden.


Work phone:

+46 8 55 37 83 22

Cell phone:

+46 708 239 702



Div of Nanobiotechnology
School of Biotechnology
Royal Institute of Technology
AlbaNova University Center
Roslagstullsbacken 21
106 91 Stockholm

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